Use computer programs to make language learning easier

Posted: December 20, 2010 in CALL related teaching

Computers have recently become fully effective means in various aspects of language teaching. Computer-assisted language learning (CALL) is a method of language teaching and learning in which computer technology is used as an aid to the presentation, storage and assessment of the material which is to be learned. Typical Computer-assisted language learning programs present any combination of text, images, sound or video. The user learns the language material by typing at the keyboard, pointing and clicking with the mouse, or speaking into a microphone. Modern Computer-assisted language learning software has embraced CD-ROM and DVD and a wide range of other new technologies, helping in teaching pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and other aspects of the language.
One of the numerous trends of Computer-assisted language learning CALL software constitutes programs which deal with speech. There are two main groups of such programs: those which relate to speech recognition, that is the process of converting a speech to words, and those which relate to speech synthesis, that is the artificial production of human speech. These programs are called text-to-speech programs, using text to speech TTS technologies.
Computer-assisted pronunciation teaching with TTS software
It’s an open secret that text to speech and read aloud programs are extremely useful for language teaching and learning, especially for teaching pronunciation. Use your computer in language teaching and improve your pronunciation skills with Speaking Notepad – a read aloud program converting normal language text into speech. Speaking Notepad is the very text-to-speech program, which is designed not only for people with visual impairments or reading disabilities, but also this language teaching program can assist those who learn a foreign language, learn and teach pronunciation.
With Speaking Notepad you’ll be able:
• get to know pronunciation of words in a moment without searching them in pronunciation dictionaries
• listen to accurate pronunciation instead of reading transcriptions and guessing the pronunciation of every sound
• listen to pronunciation of a word or a phrase as many times as it is necessary for you
• practicing your pronunciation by repeating the phrase after the speaker and imitating his manner of pronunciation
• download numerous intelligible voices in different languages
• listen to texts in foreign languages and even record them to audio files
• use your computer in language teaching and learning
Speaking Notepad, being handy and powerful text to speech program, will turn routine language learning and pronunciation teaching into comfortable and productive pastime! Improve your pronunciation skills with ease and comfort by downloading Speaking Notepad – the most efficient way of both teaching and learning pronunciation.
If you are interested in computer programs which assist in language teaching and language learning, you’ll surely devote some attention to another text to speech TTS software 1st Read It Aloud – an indispensable helper in teaching pronunciation. Using this handy text to speech program you’ll enable your computer to read aloud any text selected in any application by single pressing the hot key. It means that 1st Read It Aloud can convert emails, notes, documents to speech without copying the text to be read aloud into the clipboard. Don’t muff the chance – download 1st Read It Aloud right now and make your computer assist you in language learning and pronunciation teaching.


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